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Indelirium Records/IDR103 – ABSOLUTE – Unwavering

IDR103 – ABSOLUTE – Unwavering


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About Album

Fury and a little melody. Fast punches and reflective moments. This is Absolute, this is hardcore new school. For fans of Comeback Kid. 

Artist: Absolute
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 18-12-2020
Genres: Hard Core, Melodic Hard Core

Available Lyrics

Six Feet Under

Feel the weight on the shoulders
A stone hammered in the chest
And for all the efforts to stay afloat
It’s like being six feet under
Bound by ties of blood and affection
We’re begging for more
Days come so fast, not even realizin’
And so we’re stuck into dire straits
With broken backs and down on our knees
We passively accept
To dive into this swamp and bury ourselves in this drowning
Our lives heads down and so we run like leaves
Pushed by this endless wind
But the time has not come
Feel undefeated
Been through so many seas
And still unbeaten
Memories of our souls
Broken, misleaded
Scars deep inside but waiting for more
Because there will always be another page to read

Still Unbeaten

Beat me, hurt me Watch me as I fall

But for many times I hit the ground
I’ll raise up and stand tall
Thousands of smacks on my face didn’t scratch An unwavering resistance
I’ll rise up
Burdens released, the journey’s drawn Nothing will stop this
Not a single step back
Not even for the highest of paths
Facing these mountains I can feel alive
For how many scars these battles are leavin’ They will heal
Remembering me that the past is real
But the future is unwritten
Thousands of smacks on my face
Didn’t scratch an unwavering resistance Burdens released, the journey’s drawn
I’m finally free
In the darkest of dreams
There is a light that always shines
And when the flame seems weaker
It’s our hope to burn the fire