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Indelirium Records/IDR100 – DEAD’UNS – Crosses

IDR100 – DEAD’UNS – Crosses


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Two tracks of fast punk rock on the tail of bands like Dead To Me, Hot Water Music. Members of Radio Shakedown, Bones Bag, While You Wait and For Profit.

Artist: DeadUns
Label: Indelirium Records
Genres: Punk, Rock

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What if I could soar the skies and lay right next to you?
And take comfort in your lovely soul once more
Shaped by the same fate we made our way through hell and pain
And it's no surprise you did better than me
Do you know I've never felt at home since you've been gone?
So at peace with what I am and what I'm not
Believe me there were reasons and I know it couldn't last
Just wanted you to know you did the best

But that night Our constants went burnt

Crosses, I bear mine and you bear yours
Bloodstains, they mark our way back home
Just stay a day or two, help me see it through
Or dig a deeper hole where I can sink my truth
Darkness is calling me once more

Darkness is calling me back home

A Song to Sink

This blackened sky is so cold and out of season
Like I, like I'm a painting out of time
And I know, you think I shouldn't be this broken
But this rain, I think it's washing away my name

And the pain
Is pure and calming
It holds my hands
While I'm just drowning

And what if I, if I've been wrong all the time
And this sky, is just filled with stars and lies
I don't know, maybe we're not here to relate
And we crash on every attempt to communicate

And so I step inside
And let the storm
Hit my desires
'cause there will be a day
A day to born anew
Like this day was made
To burn all I once knew
Like you...