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Indelirium Records/IDR102 – HIRAKI – Stumbling Through The Walls

IDR102 – HIRAKI – Stumbling Through The Walls


1. Common Fear buy track
2. Wonderhunt buy track
3. Proto Skin
4. New Standards
5. Blossom Cuts
6. Mirror Stalker
7. Peach Lung
8. The Alarmist buy track

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About Album

HIRAKI don’t exactly sound like The Armed, but if you like that band, you’ll probably like this one too. Both bands are punk in spirit but genre-defying in sound, and both make genuinely killer, fresh-sounding heavy music. (You also might like this if you’re into current industrial punk stuff like Uniform and Street Sects.) – BrooklynVegan

Artist: Hiraki
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 9-4-2021
Genres: Hard Core, Post Hard Core

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