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Indelirium Records/IDR104 – DANNY TREJO – Distorted Reality

IDR104 – DANNY TREJO – Distorted Reality


1. I
2. Money Slaves
3. The Earth Is Round
4. Nuclear Holocaust II / Lord Petri Strikes Back
5. Brainwashed Army
6. Compromises
7. Prisoner Of Your Head
8. Sick And Tired

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About Album

DANNY TREJO is the outcome of the fusion of six elements coming from different bands of the italian and european punk– hardcore scene. Talco, Slander, Los Fastidios, Gonna Fall Hard, Inerdzia, Discomfort, Santa Banana: this is the musical background that, once mixed, brings DANNY TREJO to play a bouncing and fast hardcore.
No love for the police!

Artist: Danny Trejo
Label: Indelirium Records
Genres: Hard Core, Melodic Hard Core, Post Hard Core, Punk