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Indelirium Records/IDR099 – BAD ADVICE – How To Have Fun

IDR099 – BAD ADVICE – How To Have Fun


1. How To Have Fun buy track
2. Reality Sucks buy track
3. Dark Cloud buy track
4. Forever And A Day buy track
5. Last Will And Testament buy track
6. L.A. Calling buy track
7. Last Resort buy track
8. Victim buy track
9. Teenage Suicide buy track
10. Alien buy track
11. Go On buy track
12. One Way buy track

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About Album

BAD ADVICE are a 3-piece skate-punk band who formed in Bautzen, Germany and established themselves locally back in 2012 playing local shows before branching out into the surrounding cities performing to as many friends all the while gaining as many fans as possible. BAD ADVICE is the brainchild of songwriter / singer / guitarist, Sebastian Wende, whose passion in writing quick, fast-paced, upbeat punk rock tunes inspired him to seek out like-minded individuals to start a band influenced by the likes of; NOFX, Pennywise and Lagwagon.

Artist: Bad Advice
Label: Indelirium Records
Genre: Punk