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Indelirium Records/IDR098 – Atheist Agnostic Rationalist

IDR098 – Atheist Agnostic Rationalist


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About Album

When Slapshot meets Krishna core 108, you got the 217. East Coast Hardcore. For fans of Slapshot, Judge, DYS and The Haunted.

Artist: 217
Label: Indelirium Records
Genre: Hard Core

Available Lyrics

Dark Medieval Times

Off the coast, you’re lost
An human waste throw like trash
Decade of blood, decay and death,
Culture of death invades your life,
Next is you, you dont care
33’ start’s again,
Get ready for a brand new time,
A mussolinian rise!
Please the italian family,
Please the hypocrisy,
Lovely mommy votes Salvini,
Please the university,
It’s all useless!
Shitty families destroy you
and the others
It’s all over, It’s all over,
Its’ all over, It’s all over!
Dark medieval time!
That’s a fuckin nightmare!
Mussolinian time
That’s a fuckin nightmare!
Living, dying in a zombie world!

Take Your Garbage Back

I give up the war,
I’ll leave you alone,
It’s all yours now,
You won a war that wasn’t there,
Stay alone, with the arms in your hands,
It’s all yours now, but i never wanted it,
never wanted it! (X2)
You’re not my brother,
Just a stupid enemy,
Please the family,
Just another hypocrisy; (X2)

Here comes the time war there’s no more,
Here comes the time I leave you alone,
I’dont dirty my hands on a scum like you,
What about a war if struggle’s there’s no more?
It’s all yours now - get your garbage back,
I dont dress in - your sick feelings,
I leave My Enemy with weapons
in his hands,
I’ll disappear - and your blood turns cold!

Piaf Has Not yet Fallen

Not Yet Fallen! (x3)
Standing on your trembling legs
Not Yet Fallen
Standing on a brown stage
Not Yet Fallen
Standing Like The boxer you loved,
Not Yet Fallen
Standing in a weak emaciated body,
Not Yet Fallen
Not Yet Fallen (x4)
How can we measure your strength,
if we didn’t know your love at first?
Because your strength,
is the results of your love,
Pure Expression of your love!

Edith Piaf has not yet fallen,
Edith Piaf stands in front of you,
You criticize, trivialize,
but nothing change her!
Not Yet Fallen!

Leave Your Enemy Alone

Are you drive by? Driven by what?
Is this your lane?
Is this the people you want?
Killing your ambitions for them,
Take off your mask,
Leave your enemy alone,
Afraid to be alone?
Solitude is Transitory,
You got one chance,
one life, one body,
No time to waste,
So leave your enemy alone!!
I Can’t play to be blind,
Can’t ignore an homicide,
Can’t play to be deaf,
I dont agree to a rape,
We grew up in apathy,
Selfishness and stupidity,
We get turned into a beast,
As dumb as the banality of evil,
Wake up the cadaver,
Who lives in us,
Wake up the dead!
Go downstair, go out!
In the street, get out,
Buy a mirror, take a look, Intensely,
Is this your ambition?

I Won't Empathize with You

Said, done,
Illusion of a change,
Sure, Pure,
Another damage done,
Turn it on,
T.V. is what you got,
And go to sleep!
T.V. is all you get! Sit, watch,
Celebrate your choice, why, cry?
Are you dissatisfied?
I Dont know why,
And yet you choose to ignore
(For that i’ll never empathize with you)
What about the fuckin point,
What about the final choice,
What should i care of what you got,
Why should i empathize with you? (x2)
Let’s solve the problem, remove yourself,
Dont point on me your fuckin finger,
Let’s solve the problem, remove yourself
Now I doubt who is next to me,
cause I always think he votes Salvini!


Just look at this world,
In a scenario dialectical,
Observation, intuition,
No more faith in isms!
Contradiction, discipline,
Power of an individual asking,
Break The Static!
Naming The Demons all over you!
Paying attention to the habits,
That we never discuss in a
Mass appeal madness,
Mass appeal madness,
Mass appeal madness,
Mass appeal madness,
Marcusian! Marcusian! Marcusian!
At The war with all the demons!

Lack of Identity

You copy your leaders,
Making what they make,
Everything seems so technical,
Everything looks so perfect,
Sounds are so good,
Lyrics a bunch of words,
Just what about you?
Nothing remains!
You copy you paste,
Just copy and paste,
Copy of a copy,
Cold and boring,
A well done task,
And nothing more if you just like one...
a million band!
So what about you,
If nothing remains,
What about you in this lack of Identity!

Shooting Rita

When Rita Says:
“Pearl Jam stay away”
Shooting Rita to
her fuckin face!
When Rita Says:
“Don’t give advice to Italy”
Shooting Rita to her fuckin Face!
When Rita Says:
“Mind your business”
Shooting Rita to her fuckin face!
When Rita Says:
“You got be little with me”
Shooting Rita to her fuckin face!
Ahhh, fuck you!
Another nightmare comes true,
Even the old gingerbread is out of head;
Your shitty music for half a century,
it wasn’t enough?
No! You had to tell eveyone,
your bullshit!
But You are gone!
You know what I mean, My sweet,
this will be over soon, shooting!
Shooting Rita to her fuckin face!

Total Breakdown

Breakdown, Breakdown, Breakdown,
Break with your family,
Break with your community,
Break with any sort of ism,
break with all those you don’t need!
Breakdown, Breakdown, Breakdown,
Breaking with mediocracy,
break with their security,
break with new moralities,
break with false alternatives,
Have a total breakdown!
Have a total Breakdown!
Have a total Breakdown!
Have a total Breakdown!