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Indelirium Records/IDR093 – Sink or Swim

IDR093 – Sink or Swim

shortfuse sink or swim idr093


1. Intro
2. Sink or Swim
3. Losing You
4. Borders and Flags
5. Opportunism
6. A Thousand Words
7. Being in Pain
8. Only Destruction

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About Album

Short Fuse is a Rome-based hardcore band originated in 2014. Short Fuse’s sources of inspiration are To Kill, No Turning Back, Comeback Kid, Have Heart, Bane, Champion, Earth Crisis, Madball, Cro Mags, Judge and the American hardcore of the 90s, characterized by a positive mental attitude.

Andrea – Vocals
Andrea – Lead guitar
Jacopo – Second guitar
Francesco – Bass
Gianluca – Drums

Artist: Short Fuse
Label: Indelirium Records
Genre: Hard Core