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Indelirium Records/IDR091 – Homebound

IDR091 – Homebound


1. LONE WALKER (Foreword)
2. THE LESSER EVIL (In Regard to Anxiety)
3. SURVIVALIST (About a wreck)
4. COUNTLESS STEPS (Concerning change)
5. A CATHARSIS pt.I (Detachment)
6. A CATHARSIS pt. II (The Comeback Chronicles) – with Sido of Fall Of Minerva

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About Album

Blending melodic metalcore and modern hardcore vibes with heartfelt passion, Not Yet Fallen’s new Ep “Homebound” explores the concept of a journey, both outside and within ourselves. For fans of Hundredth, Counterparts and The Ghost Inside.

Artist: Not Yet Fallen
Label: Indelirium Records
Genres: Melodic Hard Core, Post Hard Core

Available Lyrics

LONE WALKER (Foreword)

As mountains fall and rivers run dry, these years will fade away and pass me by. Again I'll walk alone, again I'll strive for a reason I won't ever know (will I ever know myself?). If only I could change it all and rewind this life, I'd give sense to my time. Or at least I'd die trying.

THE LESSER EVIL (In Regard to Anxiety)

This fear I'm addicted to will not lay claim to my dreams. It took forever to leave and discover I was so distant from the truth. I made it once through the tempest just to see my purpose fall. I won't crawl back to the desert I used to call home. Then let me tell you one thing: this life won't wait, so roll up your sleeves. It's been hard to live in a stronghold of lies pretending it was all right. - 'Cause I'd rather die alone than live in the crowd.' - I've told myself for a thousand times in need for radical measures. This endless search for a brighter side will even get me somewhere. - 'I'd rather die alone – I'll never die alone - I won't die alone' - but I'll wait here for another day to come, with no sun. Embrace the change and accept what you can't replace: pain is real until you learn how to dissemble. Not all is lost. I'm losing track of my old lives but I'm returning because I may not change my fate, but I sure learn from my mistakes.

SURVIVALIST (About a wreck)

Adrift again. Swimming aimlessly against the tide. I wander lost without a target, with no directions in sight. I breathe deeply to sedate myself, I keep afloat to save the burden on my back. Alive, but afraid of what will come. Scared of what I may become, and what lies before me (will I ever know?). A world of dangers under my feet, a secret universe soon to be revealed. They say - 'Live to learn and learn to live' - and I push myself forward to prove if it's real. I tell myself it's just another test before the end. Out of the comfort zone the sharks are waiting. Beyond our conscience new ghosts are taking shape. Demons hide around the corner and monsters stand right at the doorstep. I'm facing choices and consequences. I am not a prey. I'm awake and willing to grow for the first time. Dead set on living by this sea for the rest of my life. I still don't know where my path is, but I keep on swimming to deal with my nightmares. Some may know what I'm about to face and I push myself onwards to test my will. If there's a thing I have learned from this all is that my home is nowhere.

COUNTLESS STEPS (Concerning change)

We've been running for so long, but we never took a goddamn moment to think of us. So just let go of my hand for few seconds and focus on what you are and what you've done. Many have lost their way and I can't pretend I don't know what expects me. I do not longer belong to this place. Was I put here just to suffer? I did my best to be the worst. Rescue me before all is lost. We won't go too far if we deny who we are. There is a life outside of our shell and poor meanings in our personal hell, so please don't put the world before yourself. There must be more to life than this. It's almost pointless to say - 'Life is unfair and there's nothing worth the fight' - and it's always needful to think that we are here to watch our backs and hold tight. The path we walk will mark us deeply, just stick with me until the end. It's been a long way so far and the hardest part is yet to come. Take this moment to brace yourself and say with me - 'We will stand as one'.

A CATHARSIS pt.I (Detachment)

How much I tried to get along with you. The world was changing fast, like our lives. So I'm taking chances - this is for all to see - and getting rid of my insecurities. Letting ourselves go too far to trace back our steps did not fix a thing because I still need to forget. We took our lifelong ambitions out of our closet and raped them to death. A question far too big to comprehend has now become a part of me. Hope is gone, but my eyes are open, we're growing old and you still don't know it. I am leaving behind the past to try not to recall the biggest waste of time in my life. So I'm taking chances - and this is for all to see - I'm getting rid of your insecurities.

A CATHARSIS pt. II (The Comeback Chronicles) – with Sido of Fall Of Minerva

So we meet again at last, my dear self. I've come a long road from where I began. It's been a lot of time since we parted ways, but I know deep down that nothing changed. Step after step after step I made my way back home and gathered up my inner will. I've drowned the boy who lived inside of me. I've kept a promise and bore the brunt of defeat, and still I recollect in my mind the day I left home. I've sewn the scars of many fights, sealed the grave of my past demons and buried away the keys. In parting ways from it all I've lost track of time, but in search for meanings I've found myself. A redemption set within me. Though our lives seemed like two worlds apart, we've joined together in the darkest of times to cross the edge of our illusions and see with new eyes what became of us. So I have learned to share the moment and call you my friend. When better days will come I will let myself go because I know deep down this calm won't last long. I started this journey for both our sake, and I regret nothing, not even a single step which led me back to you. I fed the homeless man who once was me. With hope I see with new eyes, and face new pains with a smile. I know this all too shall pass but I will stand as long as I can stand. Home is where you're never rejected.