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Indelirium Records/IDR051 – Tomorrow Will Become Today

IDR051 – Tomorrow Will Become Today


1. Still Here
2. Unheard
3. Back On My Steps
4. Instants Are a Lie
5. Our World Won't Die With Me
6. Non-Injective
7. Depressurized
8. We Are Nothing of This
9. Relativistic
10. Implode With Your Own Void
11. Fair Heart
12. Domain
13. The Incontestable End

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About Album

My Distance are back with a new album, new reflections in a new impact. 13 tracks for fans of Comeback Kid, Verse and Sick of It All.

Artist: My Distance
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 5-6-2013
Genre: Punk

Album Reviews

I My Distance sono tornati con un nuovo album, nuove riflessioni e nuove idee; con l’album “Tomorrow will become today”, un lavoro maturo e piacevole, ma sempre una miscela di Rock , Hardcore, e Punk.

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