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Indelirium Records/IDR053 – No Heroes

IDR053 – No Heroes


1. Damn City!
2. Brotherhood
3. Empty Hands
4. (S)Words
5. F(R)Ame
6. Dreaming to the Skyline
7. Liar Tongue
8. Full Thrashed Mouth
9. Bonebreaker

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About Album

The lyrics are very important for the band because they take seriously what they’re trying to express, which is the duality of things surrounding them. Each thing has its own positive and negative aspects, pros and cons, that reflect on friendship, society, lack of attitude and integrity, youth and so on. DC! has an ironic view over this but they don’t think twice when criticising; they also support D.I.Y. style and bands in the same scene that use the same mentality.

Artist: Damn City
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 5-10-2013
Genre: Punk

Album Reviews

Ritmiche serrate, stop ‘n go spezzacollo, cori gonfiavene, testi socialmente impegnati, produzione potente ma non laccata: già dai trenta secondi della monicker-track è subito chiaro cosa aspettarsi nei restanti venti minuti del platter.

“No Heroes” suona massiccio e fulminante, riuscendo a farsi notare all’interno del panorama hardcore nazionale per furia ed energia, sia nei momenti più violenti e trascinanti sia in quelli più cadenzati e pesti.

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