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Indelirium Records/IDR088 – Thørn Ep

IDR088 – Thørn Ep


1. Open the Gate of Hell buy track
2. Your God is Dead buy track
3. Nahua buy track
4. Sun Will Never Rise buy track
5. Burn the Throne buy track

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About Album

Thørn is a Black/Crust band formed during the 2017 in Milan, by members from La Fin, Calvario, If I Die Today and Lamantide. “Thørn” self-title Ep is a mix of crust punk, grindcore and black metal, influenced by bands like Trap Them, Oathbreaker, Baptists, Cursed, The secret

Artist: Thørn
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 20-4-2018
Genres: Black Metal, Crust