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Indelirium Records/IDR067 – Sea Of Souls

IDR067 – Sea Of Souls


1. Hurry Up And Wait
2. Glory Days
3. Sea Of Souls
4. Everyday
5. Mary Comes First
6. Lawful Civil Rights
7. Struck Down
8. You Don't Know Anything
9. Only The Rich Men
10. No Freedom
11. Mary Comes First (Acoustic)
12. Only The Rich Men (Acoustic)
13. Sea Of Souls (Acoustic)

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About Album

With the new album, ‘Sea of Souls’, Yorkshire Rats are ready to get back into the ring and fight their way to the top of the punk rock food chain.

Artist: Yorkshire Rats
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 24-3-2015
Genre: Punk

Album Reviews

They have now returned fuelled to the top with contagious rock ‘n’ roll tenacity, punk confrontation, and potent lyrical incitements, all found to great effect on debut album Sea of Souls.

ring master review

Già dai primi pezzi la band mette le cose in chiaro: Hurry Up and Wait, Glory Days e la title track si fanno apprezzare per la semplicità della struttura e per il sound che mischia il rock’n’roll di stampo statunitense con il punk-rock inglese.

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