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Indelirium Records/IDR066 – Through

IDR066 – Through


1. Clay
2. New Story
3. Father
4. Indifferent
5. Fracture
6. For A Friend
7. A Day
8. Rise Up
9. Winter Sun

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About Album

NOTHING I KNOW is a Hardcore / Metal band from Modena (Italy). The project was born for the second time in 2010, after years of life with a line up and a sound completely different. “THROUGH” has been released via Indelirium Records on 2015.


Artist: Nothing I Know
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 10-2-2015
Genres: Hard Core, Punk

Album Reviews

La tracklist è compatta e concisa, scorre via colpendo nel segno senza annoiare e non ha picchi di sorta, nè in negativo, nè in troppo positivo. Insomma, a metà strada tra esordio convincente e prematuro disco di mestiere, “Through” ci piace.

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