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Indelirium Records/IDR065 – Let’s Do This

IDR065 – Let’s Do This


1. Tryng To Belong
2. The Backfire Effect
3. Take It To The Floor
4. Childish Game
5. Production Line

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About Album

2015 marks a fresh start for the devoted punk rock band Generation 84, with the eagerly anticipated 10 inch vinyl “Let’s Do This” at the horizon, approaching ever faster.

Artist: Generation 84
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 23-5-2015
Genre: Punk

Album Reviews

Five hard hitting, fuck-politic songs that will surely get you moving are what you’ll get when you buy this album. In comparison to their previous album ‘Regardless Of What Is Right’ these songs tend to sound a bit more aggressive and straight to the point.

Generation 84 certainly master this combination and with ‘Let’s Do This’ they nailed it again. These five songs are so powerful and straight-forward that you just don’t want it to end and keep pushing that repeat button.

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