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Indelirium Records/IDR027 – Split CD

IDR027 – Split CD


1. Holy Pigs
2. Out of Vague
3. Dirty Inside
4. Story to Tell
5. Black & White
6. Tzara
7. Lies
8. Beyond The Step
9. Vetro
10. Sumera Truth

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About Album

Between April and May Waiting For Better Days and X-State Ride start recording a split. It comes out on August 2009 on the label Indelirium Records, with 10 tracks.


Artists: Waiting For Better Days, X-State Ride
Label: Indelirium Records
Release Date: 8-3-2010
Genres: Hard Core, Punk

Album Reviews

La Indelirium Records non si ferma un momento e ora butta sul mercato questo Split che vede protagoniste due band dedite, chi più chi meno, ad un Hardcore/Punk moderno abbastanza melodico: gli X-State Ride e i Waiting For Better Days.

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